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Do you know that stress from chasing deadlines in your job and life might be connected to your frequent headaches, chronic pains, recurrent colds, insomnia or have a hard time concentrating?

Well, I treat, coach and teach busy and unwell middle-age professionals, mindful parents and active retirees skills to manage their stress so they can improve their health and life.




Melt away tension and stress with a full-body signature massage. With your choice of aromatherapy oil and gentle slow stroking movements, this treatment will allow your body and mind to immerse in a harmonic state once again. Relax even more your stiffened muscles and tensed areas with face and scalp massage, reflexology, cupping, reiki, craniosacral, infrared sauna or TDP lamp extensions. Also suitable for children and pregnant guests.



Invigorate your health and evoke feelings of well-being and happiness with integrative spa body-mind-spirit sessions, combining the best from the Orient and the West. Unwind and revitalize with soothing techniques and your choice of therapeutic oils. Feel your skin turning into velvet with a body scrub and wrap or indulge a deep penetrating heat from hot stones reducing muscle tension and improving circulation. Relish honey massage to pump toxins away from your body, leaving your skin more vibrant and youthful. Immerse in immediate relaxation, restore inner tranquillity and peace with delicious aromatherapy fragrances. Say goodbye to the stubborn tightness of your muscles and joints with deep heat therapy.



Stress experts consider the practice of deep relaxation to be the purest antidote for stress helping to replace anger, fear, and frustration with improved mood, concentration, and confidence. Become more attuned to your body and let go of stressful thoughts with private yoga sessions or small dedicated yoga classes. Strengthen your relationship and increase communication and trust, with couples yoga. To harmonize your life, let sound baths revive a deep sense of peace and well-being.


De-Stress Therapist, Coach and Teacher

Ingrid Fikr

My "de-stress" journey started about ten years ago after a car accident, which left me debilitating pain and the inability to perform basic daily tasks such as brushing teeth, combing my hair, or holding a book. I had a great team of doctors and holistic therapists working with me multiple times per week, but I didn't improve. I did everything they asked, but my body, mind and emotions were stubbornly resisting all efforts to get better.

Out of sheer desperation, I went to a yoga studio and took the "easiest" class they offered - restorative yoga class. To my immense surprise, it was very gentle yoga with a few poses and a lot of meditation, which eased my aching body's discomfort.

And I realized that deep meditation switching my stress or "fight or flight" response to "rest and restore" was a missing link in my recovery program. I could not get better because I was in chronic stress caused by the accident and never-ending two years of pain.


  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DTCM, CCTCMA, Acupuncture, Herbs)
  • Registered Massage Therapist (RMT, CCTCMA, 2200 hrs)
  • Yoga Therapist (RYT, The Yoga Studio College of Canada)
  • Certified Meditation Teacher (Mantak Chia, William U. Wei, Jose Silva)
  • Registered Sound Healer (Jonathan Goldman, John Beaulieu, Thomas Ashley-Farrand)
  • Certified Reiki Master and Teacher (Usui, Karuna)
  • Certified Card Reader (Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine)
  • Reflexologist (Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics)
  • Aromatherapist (West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy)
  • Spa Therapist (Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics)
  • Craniosacral Therapist (Upledger Institute)
  • Hot Stone Therapist (Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics)
  • Certified Hypnotist (Dick Sutphen, Kelly Howell)
  • Tuina & Cupping Therapist (CCTCMA)

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