Dr. Ingrid

De-Stress Therapist, Coach and Teacher

Ready to make a change?

Do you know that stress from chasing deadlines in your job and life might be connected to your frequent headaches, chronic pains, recurrent colds, insomnia or have a hard time concentrating?

Well, I treat, coach and teach busy and unwell middle-age professionals, mindful parents and active retirees skills to manage their stress so they can improve their health and life.

My story

About ten years ago, a car accident left me debilitating pain and the inability to perform basic daily tasks such as brushing teeth, combing my hair, or holding a book. I had a great team of doctors and holistic therapists working with me multiple times per week, but I didn't improve. I did everything they asked, but my body and mind were stubbornly resisting all efforts to get better.

Out of sheer desperation, I went to a yoga studio and took the "easiest" class they offered - restorative yoga class. To my immense surprise, it was very gentle yoga with a few poses and a lot of meditation, which eased my aching body's discomfort.

DE-STRESS was a missing link in my recovery program as a deep relaxation transforms stress into vitality and activates self-healing, restoring and repairing.