Pain, Mobility and Insomnia Management


Interactive practice meeting your personal wellness needs

Transform your illness into wellness
with Dr. Ingrid Fikr, DTCM, RYT, RMT and Healing Hands Wellness Centre

Are you struggling with pain, keeping you inactive and at home?
Do you have mobility issues and limited range of motion, making your life difficult?
Is insomnia keeping you awake, leaving you without energy to get through your days?

I had all the above and more, but I am much better now.
I am better because I didn't give up on having a good quality of life.
And I want to share with you what helped me and others improve.

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Why This Program?

Regular chiro treatments can make a substantial difference in the quality of your life now and in the future. There are also health-improving techniques such as regular stretching, exercising, proper breathing, de-stressing and thinking positively. These techniques cannot be shared in-depth during short chiro visits, but can make your treatments much more effective.

What if you could learn techniques which are the foundations of self-healing? Would you be interested in learning them, knowing that they will enhance your entire life and future chiro treatments and get you better faster? Would you be willing to do things to fundamentally improve your general health, with an emphasis on pain management, mobility and sleep between appointments?

Our body has innate tools to repair, restore and heal itself. But are you aware the body needs your help with healing mode activation? Do you want to learn how to do it? Well, I can teach you essential practices for cultivating your self-healing abilities.

I will support you in developing new habits for maintaining your health when you join the program. In my experience, regular and focused wellness practice makes dealing with health issues and aging more bearable and fun. And what is more important than your health?


I tested the program's techniques over the past three years and saw remarkable improvements with managing pain, mobility issues and insomnia. Here is what former students say about their experiences:

"My body's flexibility has improved dramatically since I started taking classes with Ingrid. I have less pain and sleep much better." Mayda

"The program has been such a benefit to my flexibility and keeping me mobile. It has also taught me how to heal, how to empty my mind and just relax." Linda

"The program has helped me regain my mobility to a more functional level. I feel less stress in my daily life and have made progress on my inner peace." Gail

Your Teacher

“Ingrid is such a patient teacher and never makes one feel silly for not being able to carry out specific practices and doesn't rush students either. She takes time to go through all of the techniques and combines it with reasons for doing certain moves. It is an accepting environment that she creates and enjoyable too with a good measure of humour and laughter.” Sue

* 25 years of exciting experience in the healing arts
* zillions of hours in continued education and research
* certified in complementary modalities such as Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Reiki, Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology and more
* I really enjoy teaching and sharing self-healing practices

My Story

I am passionate about the power of self-healing.

I was on my way back from an incredible late summer health retreat. I felt rejuvenated and was in the best shape of my life. Then suddenly, a car T-boned me at an intersection, leaving me with 24/7 pain and insomnia. Even holding a book became a challenge. For ten long months, I struggled. And I was getting worse.

On top of that, my team of incredible doctors and health practitioners was slowly giving up. Eventually, they suggested accepting to live with pain, limitations and sleepless nights. But I decided not to give up. I desperately wanted my life back...and I did it! I successfully transformed my health troubles into wellness. Now I rarely have pain. I can fully use my arms, and I sleep like a baby most nights!

When I taught my system over the past three years, seeing similar improvements in others, that's when I knew I was on something! So I went the extra mile and created specialty wellness programs where you can cultivate your body's self-healing abilities and get your health and life back with my support...from the comfort of your home.

Modules and Syllabus

Pain Module

Living free of pain

Pain management
Neck & shoulders
Upper back pain
Hips & legs pain

Mobility Module

Moving with ease and greater range of motion

Mobility management
Upper body
Lower body

Insomnia Module

Sleeping well

Insomnia management
Falling asleep easily and quickly
Staying asleep
Waking up full of energy & rested

Wellness Techniques

* joints mobilization and aged body stretching
* happy spine and neck exercises
* self-massage for strengthening muscles
* breath work and healing smile practice for managing pain
* restorative and therapeutic yoga for body, mind and spirit alignment
* qi qong stretching for flexible tendons
* yoga nidra practice for insomnia
* 5 elements and 12 meridians practice for reinforcing organs
* guided relaxation and meditation for pain and general health
* and much more

What Is Included?

* 12 live Zoom sessions, 90 min. each
* 2 one-on-one coaching sessions, 45 min. each
* 2 chiro assessments with Dr. Brad Harper DC, 30 min. each
* 24/7 access to self-study content
* recordings of all live Zoom sessions
* more one-on-one time/feedback if you need it

Days and Times

The program will start on March 24
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Are you looking for different days and times?
Let me know what works best for you during registration!

Your Investment

Premiere Program Price: $197 + $30 for two chiro assessments

Regular Price: $397

Chiro assessments are optional, but recommended for your safety.
Monthly payments are possible.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,